Those NetPro folks are a class act

I've just had an experience that I did not expect.

I'm in Vegas for the Directory Experts Conference, and I just walked away from the registration desk with a tshirt.

(you're all wondering if I've gone batty, right? Conference tshirts are a dime a dozen, most people I know use them in their shops as rags)

I walked away from that registration desk with a women's medium. That's right – somebody actually took the time to think about the ladies here at the conference. I can't tell you how downright respectful that is. And how rare. In my years of attending conferences, I have rarely even been able to find a men's small (all the small sizes go first, so I often end up with a garment that is more suitable as a dress than a shirt).

It seems like such a small thing, but really, it is an acknowledgement. It says to me that the women at this conference were expected, are welcomed, and that somebody out there has finally figured out that a woman wearing a classy, relatively form-fitting tshirt with your logo on it is a very good thing.

Compare this to what usually happens to my tshirts — my Dad gets them, and you might catch a glimpse of one of them if you happened to wander by as he mows his lawn… :-)

1 thought on “Those NetPro folks are a class act

  1. Hey Pamela – you should have swung by any “Indigo” / Windows Communication Foundation stand/event – you’d have been able to pick up one of our ladies’ t-shirts! :D Let it not be said that (at least some teams in Microsoft) are caring and respectful! ;)

    Pam says: No fair – can I mail-order? Pretty please…

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