Windows Cardspace!



Looks like Microsoft has released the official name of their Infocard windows client — Windows Cardspace. Well I'm not sure if it's official, but somebody from MS has blogged about it, so that's good enough for me (-:


I like the name – it is catchy and will be easy for help desk personnel around the world to refer to. It is also Googleable, and it doesn't have the terrible generic sound that 99% of the big stack mentality monster corps seem to be blindly adhering to these days (ie <companyname> <concept> <manager>). If it had been MS Card Manager or MS Identity Manager, I would have been very unimpressed (-:


It also solves the question of – "InfoCard" vs "InfoCards" as the official name, and it is also now easy to know whether you are talking about the client or a single card.


The same blog entry also talks about the new name for WinFX – go check it out, I wouldn't want to ruin all the surprises…


Nice work y'all, I bet it feels good to get to this milestone!


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