What, only 5?

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  1. As a newborn, one of the muscles in my neck was shorter than the other – giving me what my parents feared was a permanently crooked view of the world.
  2. As a kid, I wanted to be a “paranormal researcher” when I grew up – after reading many, many ghost stories, I was positive that they would just know I was a kindred spirit and talk to me…
  3. As a teenager, I read up to 3 romance novels a day – I bought them for 15 cents each at the used bookstore. My strong preference was the “Harlequin Presents” series.
  4. As a twenty-something, I spent time climbing mountains and managed to fall off of one, resulting in a fancy helicopter rescue and immediate orthopedic surgery. Ask me sometime, I’ll show you the scars.
  5. These days, as a thirty-something, I am not only a D.I.N.K., but also a D.I.L.D.O. (double income, little dogs only)

Well now, whomever shall I tag? Bob, Gil, Craig, Dale, and Bill, please tell us FIVE things we’d never otherwise know about you…

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  1. Five things you’d never know about me? Is this some weird way of checking to see if read your blog?
    Ok, in chronological order:
    1. I was born in Ankara, Turkey. During childhood, my mom drilled it into my head that I *must not* enter Turkey until I was over 35, lest I risk being drafted into the Turkish army. The Turks apparently considered me a citizen, even though I was born to US parents.
    2. I spent several years growing up in Okinawa on a small “Army” base at the southern end of the island. We were surrounded by Nike missle installations, and had a large antenna farm at one end of the base where no one was allowed to go. Of the 300 families on base, only a couple were actually “Army”. Everyone else wore trenchcoats and dark glasses.
    3. In high school in California, I was an avid rock climber. I still have my “Go Climb a Shirt” rock. Late at night, my compadres and I would develop climbing routes on and in our school building. By climbing inside walls and ceilings, we had access to every single square foot of the school. Many pranks ensued, including certainly illegal wiretaps.
    4. I’m an avid sailplane pilot (and a less-avid airplane pilot). http://www.asa-soaring.org is my soaring club.
    5. I’ve gone from being a DINK to a SITKA (“single income, three kids, Aiyeeeee!) Molly, Scott, and Ryan are 10, 9, and 6 1/2, respectively.

  2. Think of it as the informational equivalent of ‘the wave’. The goal (if there really is one) is to watch how a meme can travel through the blogosphere, jumping from community to community in viral fashion.

    So you need to go and publish your 5 things on your blog, backlink to me, and infect, er, link-tag 5 more people…

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