Apparently I’m a sucker for punishment

In preparation for some code I’m going to release soon, I want to put up my own domain, which I hope will contain an Identity Metasystem RP.

The question I want answered is — will I be able to use your standard, run-of-the-mill, six-bucks-a-month hosting solution to accept Information Card transactions? If not, what exactly do I need? Can I used Shared SSL? Must I have a dedicated IP address? What happens if I don’t? How will good ol’ cPanel SSL Manager work for me?

I’m not going to dive down this rathole until the new year, but in the meantime, I’m up for guesses, bets, and other opinions on what I will find, or what I should try, or how many web hosting accounts I’ll go through during this process. Let’s hear it for 30-day money back offers!

Obviously the less a webmaster has to do (or pay for) to become an RP, the better… although I do envision a feature description to the effect of “Information Card Readiness” or something like that becoming standard in the future.

I don’t expect this to be pretty – but here’s hoping that my pain can at least be your entertainment :)