PamelaProject @ RSA

The Pamela Project officially kicked off on Monday Feb. 4th 2007 at the Liberty Alliance Identity Standards Workshop, with a joint presentation between Mary Ruddy of the Higgins project, Dale Olds of the Bandit project, and myself. The demonstration started off by accessing a resource behind Novell Access Gateway operating as a Liberty Relying Party. When we authenticated to Novell Access Manager operating as a Liberty IdP, we used a managed information card, which received its identity data from a Higgins STS.

After this, we used the same managed card to access non-Liberty (Identity Metasystem) Relying Parties – one of which was PamelaWare for WordPress.

During the demo, we used the same information from the same base repository but passed it in different ways, either in Liberty protocols or in Information Card V1.0 protocols. We demonstrated all of this both on Vista using Windows CardSpace – and on a Linux machine using Chuck Mortimore’s Firefox plugin. It was pretty exciting to see a solid connection between such a diverse set of projects and groups.

The demonstration was a lot of fun, and I was really excited to have the opportunity to kick off the Pamela Project in such style, many thanks to Mary and to Dale for allowing to be part of the demonstration. It is worth checking out all of the presentations from the Liberty Alliance Identity Standards Workshop – they were excellent.