The next two months

This is going to be a fun summer for anyone interested in information cards. Everyone seems to be on the cusp right now, and I hope to see an explosion of available code, products, and services surrounding the identity metasystem.

Just to put a bit of skin into the game, so to speak, here is what you can expect to see from the Pamela Project before June:

  • A new PamelaWare Joomla plugin (available by May 10)
  • A release candidate for the WordPress Plugin (available by May 10)
  • Updates to both plugins that allow:
    • integration with native username/password functionality
    • integration with the WP-OpenID plugin (not sure about Joomla)
    • ability to specify & map claims to database fields for adaptation to managed card requirements
    • ability to specify & advertise a privacy policy
    • Audit capabilities that are compatible with the XDAS standard and hopefully contribute to the OpenXDAS project.
    • a prettier, more web-standards-compliant login page
    • Ability to choose either an XHTML or HTML compliant login page
    • A release candidate for the WordPress Plugin (available by May 10)
  • More surprises, just wait and see

Before the above can be rolled out, I need to finally & totally grok subversion branching & tagging. The textbooks have been ordered… but if you are a subversion guru and would like to contribute to the PamelaProject, you would be my hero.

I had the chance last week to hang out at Bandit HQ, and they are doing some really exciting things. It was a blast getting to geek out and they really took care of me – we even had a photo day! I have dastardly designs on most of the infrastructure that they and others are putting together, and the code is now at the point where I, as someone wanting to develop that next layer up, can actually depend on the foundation. It isn’t perfect, but I do think that having someone actually working on top of a layer is a great way to vet the solution. I’ve already warned the Bandits that I’m really talented at breaking things :)

The Directory Experts Conference is on next week in Vegas — be there or be square, we are planning a few of what I hope to be information card firsts for the attendees, stay tuned for more information.