My new day of celebration

Who needs birthdays? Instead, I will crown today the day of all days.

This is the day that my McAfee subscription auto-renews. Not that I want it or use it. I just get billed for it every year.

Last year, I was surprised to find the cheerful confirmation of auto-renewal (read: my credit card was charged for USD$40) in my inbox, and immediately called in. The helpful staff refunded my money and instructed me how to alter my online account so that I would not be auto renewed again. I still have the ‘confirmation of account change’ email in my inbox.

Today, I found yet another cheerful confirmation of auto-renewal. I loged back into the McAfee account that I haven’t used for a year to check my account status. It has me listed as signed up for auto-renewal again, and this year I can’t change it myself, I have to get the McAfee customer service folks to change it. Which, of course, I promptly do. After all, I have to get my $$ refunded.

So, to celebrate this day of days, and to aid me in what I fully expect to be an identical conversation with an equally pleasant and obliging customer service clerk next year, I thought I would capture a screenshot of my account auto-renewal preferences page. Note the empty box at the bottom of the picture.

Doesn’t it just make you feel so warm and fuzzy to know that somebody out there cares enough to force you to call them once a year? Talk about the gift that just keeps on giving. It brings a tear to my eye, really it does…

Proof for next year

1 thought on “My new day of celebration

  1. So….

    This does not seem very optimistic on your part…. I think they may have discovered a fundamental new business model here. But then again perhaps not.

    The concept of a an anonymous, multi billion dollar, commercial enterprise telling you what you want and when you want it does appeal to you more ? I think this is a very innovative business practice, they have taken the advertising out of the commercial relationship and have merely reduced it taking money directly from you without having to convince you of anything via a marketing campaign.

    Perhaps next time they will take the next step and send out some goons to remove the cash directly from your wallet. I recommend you do not answer the door for anyone who identifies themselves as “Tony” or “Guido” or who uses the term “Fud-get-about-it”.


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