Aw shucks

Those Gen-Y girls get to have all the fun

We don’t live container lives, with work and family and play muffled under air-tight lids. Our life bleeds together, and instead of a singular goal of family or career, we lead our lives as a continuum, family and career ebbing and flowing.

Generation Y women are high-achievers, shrewd, well-dressed and sexy, while possessing an emotional intelligence that far surpasses our male counterparts. We don’t rule by insecurities or fear, but by knowing ourselves well, and seeking connection with others. We combine “physical potency with seriousness of purpose.”

This won’t really surprise many of you, but I love the optimism of this article. I love the fact that the text has nothing to do with guilt or disenfranchisement — it is all about having and making choices that enable the future generation of women as people who can live life in whatever way makes them the most fulfilled.

I also find the term “compassionate alpha” quite interesting, I can think of a few examples of this phenomenon — but to me, such a term is not and should not be gender-associated.

Check out the original link, and tell me your view…

2 thoughts on “Aw shucks

  1. Not to be inflammatory or anything – but I think the whole article is Neo-feminist psychobabble.

    Yes, it is optimistic and points out that well adjusted women can be successful in their career, family life and in any endeavor that they choose to pursue.

    Yes, it points out that one’s life, when lived well, is a blend of professional and personal relationships that are valued by all parties and in which neither aspect takes precedence over the other.

    Yes, the article notes that as women become more “powerful” in business relationships they are also taking more dominant roles in the home life as well.

    Yes, the concept that many women can be fully actualized without being pregnant and barefoot is made clear.

    No, it does not make clear that there are probably many women in “Gen-Y” who are hopelessly shallow, husband-hunting automatons.

    No, it does not make clear that there have always been women who have been powerful and respected and still considered feminine.

    No, it does not make the point that in a healthy personal or professional relationship between people that there is mutual respect and that should be the basis for everything that follows.

    No, it does not make clear that many men actually prefer to have a partner in life and not someone who just raises the kids, cooks and keeps the house tidy, and brings them a beer when the game is on – although once in a while would be nice.

    Actually, I think I meant to be inflammatory.


  2. Oh dear, you are far more fragile than I thought.

    You seem to be suffering from some delusion that this article has to solve world hunger.

    Well, good luck in finding something closer to your ideal. Perhaps when you find it, you’ll toss a link my way. I’m sure it will blow my mind.

    Until then, perhaps you can find some kind of support group to shelter you from all the evil neo-feminist psychobabble out there…

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