New version of CardSpace is officially out

.NET Framework version 3.5 is now out of beta and in production – this means that the new version of Windows CardSpace is available too.

Based on the v3.5 download page, it looks like .NET v3.5 will co-exist with, not replace .NET v3.0 — so I’m not currently expecting any Windows Update surprises to be coming down the pipe, although I am guessing that .NET 3.5 would be part of Vista SP1 whenever that comes out. If I get more details, I will let you know. My big question is — if the .NET 3.0 version was v1.0 of CardSpace, what do we call this next version? v2.0? v1.1? v3.5? CardSpace TnG? I need something short so I can be simultaneously precise and lazy.

If you hadn’t heard about the new version and wanted to hear about some of the changes that have been made to CardSpace, you should check out the official CardSpace blog.