For those of you using Netvibes

To my horror yesterday – I found that all of my NetVibes folders had been blown away, and around 80 different feeds had been placed into a single tab called “Lost & found” after I created a new tab called “Funny!”.

It turns out that if you export an OPML File, even when the folders are missing, and then re-import, you can get your folders back (don’t click the “create new tab on import” checkbox, because then you’ll have 2 sets of everything). At least, my folders came back, YMMV.

I recommend saving an OPML file of your feeds anyway – I didn’t even think to do so until I was in a bad position, and only then did I realize how valuable that list was.

Lost and Found

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  1. I suggest checking out Pageflakes. It’s user friendly, but for gurus such as yourself, the cool sharing feature is great. For someone who has a blog, Pageflakes can be a good tool to share your feed along with other feeds you find appealing or relevant.

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