We have a winner!

I’m revising my “anti-chick-magnet” list to add this one: A reputation for animal cruelty.  What female is going to date a guy who kills a pet in a fit of drunken jealousy?   Prior to this, my favorite candidate for grossing out a potential date was to have a nice set of compensatory male genitalia hanging from your truck’s trailer hitch, but I definitely feel that the incumbent has been ousted.

I have high hopes that Mr. Joseph Petcka will find his dating options to be rather sparse after this.   After all, you can take the macho crap off of your truck, but it’s pretty tough to get past the Internet searches that proclaim that you killed a 7lb declawed cat in self-defense…

3 thoughts on “We have a winner!

  1. Leaving aside the discussion of how dubious a no-rifle-rack standard may be, I’m going to venture to say that he will, in fact, suffer little consequence legally. I am also convinced that women (possibly cat haters) will still flock to him as before in the skin of the common “rehabilitated man”. The truth is, the current dating scene seems to betray that many women are less attracted to the emotionally stable man. They want someone with no hobbies and little in the way of anything intelligent to say. So when the emotionally and physically abusive boyfreind kicks your cat to death, you should not be surprised. If you see a train coming at you head-on, get out of the way, even if you are scared. As for the narcissistic waste of life who took an innocent life in a vain rage, maybe he should be put in a room with a tiger and see how he fares against a cat more his match.

  2. Coward – any man who attacks and hurts something or someone, who cannot or will not fight back is a coward. In my opinion, acts like this violate essence of being a man.

    Attacking an animal such as this is a cowardly and petty act – as is attacking people in a fit of “anger and rage”, which sadly happens much too often as well.

    While the dating prospects for this guy are hopefully limited. If he ever has a next girl friend – I hope she has a Pit bull and a Rottweiler, then he can have a few drinks. She can even name them “Fluffy” and “Sweetie”.


  3. Male genitalia on the truck hitch are out?!? That goes a long way to explain my dating track record of late.

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