Information Cards on Drupal

Finally! I’ve got what I hope to be a decent prototype for a Drupal Information Card module.    I’ve made huge changes to the user interface on this one, and as a result, I hope to have streamlined the process for framework owners.   What I haven’t yet got, is a lot of eyeballs from a lot of people on different platforms, in different situations, and with different frames  of mind.  If you have 5 extra minutes, please check out my example site.   There is a poll there to let you give extra-fast feedback, and there is a feedback form if you want to address a specific finding.

Here’s a quick summary of the new features:

User Card Management

  • Once authenticated, users can add and remove cards from their accounts, as well as seeing when the card was associated and when it was last used.

Lost Card Recovery

  • Users can now use an email-based recovery process to attach a card to an account that they’ve lost credentials to.  This is incredibly important in a case where all passwords have been turned off for the site.

Purple “i” means Selector launch

  • Everywhere you see a purple “i”, you should see a selector launch immediately – no more intermediate pages.
  • (Note there is a purple “i” in the card mgmt console, that card will eventually launch the selector to verify the Friendly Identifier)

Minimum clicks

  • The goal is to get the job done in the smallest number of clicks.   There is probably even more to be done here, but we’ve made progress.

Developer Improvements

  • Code is now documented with a standardized, doxygen-compatible format
  • Much more consistency in approach
  • Lots more to do ;)

WordPress users:  I’m upgrading that plugin right now to use the same flows — so if you don’t like them, speak now!