Justice for Azigo Post

Yesterday’s Azigo post is now stylin’, with extra features like images and bullets!    If you held off of reading that post because the large bricks of unformatted text were making your eyes bleed, you can go back now:  http://eternaloptimist.wordpress.com/2009/01/13/azigo-a-go-goes/

Otherwise,  check out the comments on the post,  also two corrections:

  • Through my own ignorance, I mistakenly intimated that the desktop portion of Azigo was going away, when in fact Adobe AIR *is* the desktop portion, and in fact the goal is to move all functionality into Adobe AIR.  I hope I improved the situation with that explanation, and that there doesn’t need to be a correction to the correction :)
  • There is a card usage/history section, I just didn’t see it.  In fact, if you look at my own screenshot, you can clearly see the  “History” tab just above Dr. Evil’s head.  Apparently my powers of observation took a dip there…

Apologies for the formatting wackiness, and the omissions/errors,