Security as Upsell

Here is a philosophical question for you:

SSL only for the privileged

Many SaaS vendors currently only offer SSL support to clients who pay a premium.  Users who don’t pay, can’t have the “extra” benefit of using SSL.   What happens to the small companies and/or single users who wish to be secure, but do not need unlimited users or 2GB of file storage, or 10 project templates?  Who in their right mind would pay $20 extra a month just to get SSL?   And what possible justification is there for denying transport-level security to smaller customers?

Today we have this perception that only the largest corporations need to pursue security:  the ones with CIOs and Enterprise Architects,  the ones trading publicly or in a vertical where audits are mandatory.  If you ask me, I think we could go a very long way if we stopped thinking like this and began to enable any person or organization, of any size to care about, understand, and pursue secure internet operation.

I know it isn’t as lofty a goal as Bob has put forth;  but this issue, to me,  represents a small part of the underlying systemic problem that Bob is trying to shed light on.

1 thought on “Security as Upsell

  1. I fear that until there’s liability for creating infosec hazards this kind of thing will persist.

    I wonder how many people would buy a “base model” car without door locks?

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