Second Class (Non) Citizens

Just in case you all still thought that on the internet, no one knows you’re a dog: Heaven forbid you’re a plain ol’ Canadian dog who wants to experience streaming content now and then… and no, things like Hotspot Shield don’t work, sites like Hulu have been assiduous in their efforts to ensure that I cannot be a customer.

The truth is:  yes I am disappointed, and no I don’t understand.  I am sure this all about somebody somewhere insisting that I not be served until they get their pound of flesh.  I’m willing to PAY for my little part of whatever kickback has to happen – but apparently that isn’t enough.  It would seem that profitability can only be found in a scheme that rewards large demographics and denies everyone else.  What a shame.

Pandora ONE: US-only

Pandora ONE: Canadian FAIL

1 thought on “Second Class (Non) Citizens

  1. Some time ago I made a fool out of myself by trying to share a video on a German video portal called I uploaded the video that I had created and notified friends where they could view it. Some potential viewers are from Canada and the US. But then messsages dropped in with complaints that they are not allowed to view my video because copyright reasons restrict the access to viewers in Germany. I felt so stupid :-/

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