This Woman in Tech says: Thank you

I’ve been reading the various recent articles about women in tech bubbling around the interwebs with mixed feelings.  I’ve seen a lot of these debates go by, and although I have strong opinions (I know, you’re surprised, right?), I usually choose not to comment here.

There is only one thing that I find myself wanting to say publicly in this week’s resurgence of the debate, and that is: Thank you.   I have had the incredible blessing of being surrounded by group after group of intelligent, thoughtful men and women who have not only treated me equally and fairly, but have encouraged my abilities and helped me to reach greater and greater heights.  I have nobody to blame, but many to acknowledge – and why should the jerks get all the press time?

I may not be on anyone’s top 30 women in tech, and I may never be the CxO that people seem to so desperately need all women in tech to be, but I have a fulfilling and challenging job and I have achieved my primary goal in my career, which is to work with people who make me smarter every day. By the only standards that count (mine), I have it all.

I believe that a lot of women have fought difficult fights over the years so that I could have this kind of positive experience, and I know that not all women in tech have been so fortunate.  To those women who take on the establishment in this area – You have my support, gratitude and thanks.  You take the heat today so that the next generation of girls can simply accomplish and wonder what all the fuss is about.

Why am I writing this?  I don’t know. I suppose, it seems wrong for the unhappy examples to be the only examples out there. What I do know, is that I am one of the luckiest women in tech; the people who stand out in my life are not the ones who tried to hold me back, but the ones who have helped me fly.  Thank you, to some of these exceptional people: Darcy, John, Cliff, Don, Cullen, Alan, Tammy, Tim, Pete, Doug, Brian, Dave, Janelle, Kaliya, Gordon, Derek, Barb, Bob, Kim, Craig, Mike, Vittorio, Ben, Sydney, Dale, Patrick, Julie, Sean, Andrew, Gil, Laura, Andre, and so many more.

4 thoughts on “This Woman in Tech says: Thank you

  1. Pamela,

    An excellent note of gratitude. I wasn’t sure why I liked your writing style, so I ran it through the “I write Like” engine, and as it turns out, you write like Jane Autin[1] – my other favorite author :)


    • Thank you, that is a lovely compliment, Jane Austin is one of my favorite authors too!

  2. and oh today, just so happened, was the day when we had do submit our goals for next year. guess what i entered as one of the goals – Work and interact with people who make me smarter every day.

    Really that is now my goal….Thanks to your timely blogpost :)

  3. Hi Pamela, you’re in my top 30.

    I am guilty of purposely keeping a low profile in technology. However, I applaud you for poking your head about the parapet. It’s just such a shame that in a world that is becoming increasingly highly fluid in its communciations and in a hghly expanded manner, that women are not taking more of a lead in this area -after all communications is our forte!
    Susan Morrow
    Head of R&D
    Avoco Secure (A nice company to work in if your female)

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