Ever tried to horizontally migrate LDAP-based COREid Configuration?

… it ain’t pretty. It involves a lot of manual work, and manual work is always a weak link in any change management strategy. If you edit your LDIF or re-enter data via the web interface, you introduce the possiblity that your migration could fail in production despite a perfect track record moving through every other environment.

We at Nulli have been trying to perfect a strategy by which an Administrator could reliably and predictably move environment-specific COREid configuration data from development through all the tiers up to production with as little manual intervention as possible. After various attempts to solve the problem, we think we’ve come up with a reasonable approach that will save time and reduce typos. We have also built up a very comprehensive set of best practices surrounding horizontal migration of COREid configuration data that could be applied, regardless of whether this tool is used or not.

Check out the COREid Nitty Gritty blog for more information. We’re looking to gauge interest in this kind of migration service, starting with our trusted customers, but if anyone else out there wants to let us know that the direction we’re moving in is valuable, or wants more information on what we’re doing, we would appreciate the feedback.

Mark – congrats on starting to get this out in the world, I know it has taken a lot of your time and effort.