Leap of Faith

It is official!

Friday was my last day as a Nulli Secundus employee.  After 7 great years, I am ready to strike out on my own!

I’ve created a company called Bonsai Identity, so named because I very strongly believe that the most successful way to manage identities is not to neglect them until the pain is acute and then try to hack them back into some semblance of order, but instead to pay attention along the way, and to make enlightened choices that shape the future of the organization in a positive way.

I am extremely fired up about the future, but before I wax poetic about all the things I can’t wait to do,  I want to say thanks to all of my coworkers at Nulli, and most of all to Derek and Barb, the owners.   I found my passion at Nulli, and was nurtured and encouraged to develop that passion at every step.   If I wasn’t absolutely sure that we will continue to cooperate and collaborate, I believe I would be heartbroken right now, but as it is, I feel ecstatic;  I am changing direction, but I am blessed to do so knowing that I have incredible mentorship and friendship nearby.

Thank you for seven great years of brilliant work with and for brilliant people.