Can you Feel the RSA Buzz?

Everyone is feverishly preparing for the RSA Conference next week. We not only have OSIS Interop activities going on digitally, but RSA has donated us a room for Tuesday and Wednesday (April 8 & 9 2008) – the plan is to have working sessions for participants able to be physically present between 11am and 4pm both days, and then to party it up — showing off all of our products during 4-6pm both days. You are welcome to stop by and chat any time, but you’re going to have the best experience during the open houses, since that is the time when all of the Participants will be around and set up to show you their stuff.

If you are interested in meeting a bunch of the movers & shakers in user-centric identity, you should come and visit us — Both OpenID and Information Card providers are participating, and many of the participants have solutions that knit the two technologies together.

From a Pamela Project perspective, I’ve just updated PamelaWare for Joomla to work on Joomla 1.5 — it is not nearly enough for distribution yet (lots of things still to update), but it is good enough to kick the tires. I’d pretty well given up on Joomla v1.0 after they completely rewrote the password storage mechanism during a point release (surprise!). We were already hacking core Joomla files anyway in that version – it just wasn’t pretty. Joomla 1.5, on the other hand, is definitely pretty.

The test site is here: — check it out! Joomla 1.5 supports OpenID out of the box btw, so my test instance can be used to check out that functionality too! From a test perspective, I’ve added an unregister function, so you can try a card, and then remove your entry either to try again, or just to keep your data from being stored.