InfoCards Resource Kit Needs a Facelift

Hi folks,

If you are crazy enough to try and check out InfoCards at this early date, you are probably looking at one of two sources:

1) the Sept 2005 Federated Identity & Access Resource Kit

2) Sample Code on : MSDN

Turns out that neither of these places will actually get you easily running code. The changes needed to get the MSDN samples running are smaller, but they require the fix I’ve described below, and they don’t use runtime bindings (compared to the res kit, which does). There are also a bunch of small fixes regarding casting and iterating through claims in a claimset. The res kit requires both fixes listed below, and a few other things.

I expect that very soon, a nice new shiny set of examples and sample code will come out – maybe even for the Feb 2006 CTP. Until then, however, drop me a comment here if you want working sample code, or an edited version of the Programmer’s guide if you are like me, and want to code the thing from scratch.

If you don’t feel like waiting for me to get back to you – here are a few hints to make life easier:

Modify any instance of “configurationName” in your app.config file to be “name”

If you are getting the following error:

The binding to use to communicate to the federation service at ‘’ is not specified. If you are using Infocard please configure an Infocard client credentials for the channel proxy.

It probably means that you need to change a line like this:

ClientCredentials credentials = new ClientCredentials();

Into a line like this:

InfoCardClientCredentials credentials = new InfoCardClientCredentials();

Isn’t it amazing how something so small can cause so much pain?

This will save you a LOT of time. I promise…

2 thoughts on “InfoCards Resource Kit Needs a Facelift

  1. Hi, I really like to code the infocard from scratch, however i am very new to it. Would really appreciate if you could send me the edited version of the programmer’s guide. Thanks.


    Pam says: Hi Paul! I have to tread carefully on the subject of the programmer’s guide – that document is owned by Microsoft, and if I redistribute a changed version, I may be making myself vulnerable to letters from lawyers. As well, I have not updated the Programmer’s guide for the Feb CTP, I simply updated my project so that it worked. I think I can help though, I’ll drop you an email and we can talk. Just so you know, there are two people in line in front of you that I have promised help to, who are patiently waiting, so it might take me a bit. My apologies for that. This is not my regular day job, so my response time isn’t quite as good as it otherwise would be.

  2. Hi Pam! Sure I shall be waiting for your email (what is your email btw?)

    Actually, I need to build a working system (a web service, client, IP) using infocard with STS, RP and IP. Can I do that already? If yes, do you have links to such samples?


    Pam says: Email is on the way — I’ll set you up with the samples I have, they aren’t much but hopefully they can get you started.

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