Vacation Brain

Paul, Dave, you’re both right about nothing detracting from deep thinking up here — because the kinds of places we get to go when we take even a short break inspire deep thinking, rather than distracting from it…

Still, it’s hard to get back into the swing of city things after a whole week out there :-)

2 thoughts on “Vacation Brain

  1. Not bad. Certainly nicer pictures than Liberty Alliance screen caps… :)

    Not that I don’t have nice scenery here –

    And I can still get to it in January!

    Pam says: O right, I suppose I should separate the screen shots from the artsy stuff, eh? You definitely live in a beautiful place! Although Canada in January is different, it is an equally striking kind of beauty waiting to be discovered… I’ll try and offer some photographic proof when the time comes :-)

  2. Where is that? I want to go!

    Pam says:  the mountain shots are from the Elk Lake Provincial Park in B.C. – which is at the southernmost end of the Canadian Rockies (map).  The lake shots are from a little lake in the Kootenays in B.C. where we have a cabin.  There are mountains right behind the cabin too, where we snowmobile in the winter…  it is well worth visiting, if you ever get to this side of the world :-)

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