Catalyst 2007, gone by in a flash…

Well alrighty then:

Yes Travel to San Francisco for the Burton Group Catalyst Conference.

Yes See presentations from Jamie, Bob, Mike, Lori, Gerry, Jonathan Schwartz, Jim Harper, and of course Dick.

Yes Learn a whole bunch of new vocabulary, like decisioning and LLP and digital natives.

Yes Have a great time giving my talk (entitled “What I learned when I stopped thinking about information cards and started using them – a Drama in 3 acts”).

Yes Participate in the the long-awaited & highly successful OSIS/Burton Group User-Centric Identity Interop.

Yes Meet all of the great people who have been collaborating via email and conference call for the last several months in person.

Yes Spend large amounts of time in the Hilton sports bar with all my favorite Identity people.

Sum Total: A ripping good time!

So. What’s next? How do we keep up this kind of momentum?

  • we need to collaborate on identity schema and raising the profile of the work to be done in that area.
  • we need to continue to use OSIS to communicate interoperability problems within the community.
  • we need to do the interop thing all over again, but at the next level of sophistication.
  • we need to create a body of knowledge around best practices, industry expectations, and minimum security/validation requirements for Relying Parties.
  • we need to keep enjoying ourselves, this time of day-by-day discovery and learning won’t last forever, eventually the marketing people will get involved and the fun will truly end :)

I think we demonstrated a vibrant, growing community this week. I can’t wait to see where we go next.

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