Let’s Talk Turkey

It has been a while since I’ve meandered through my thoughts on where the world of the Identity Metasystem is going these days.

A few entries in the blogosphere have examined what this system is not – which is in common use. I can’t deny the truth of such statements. However, what I do see, is a growing number of people who are contacting me, because they are working hard to change this fact.

I can honestly say that I don’t worry about whether Information Cards will succeed. What I worry about, is what happens when it does. To me, this is why it is critical to run interops via OSIS, and not only that, but to create a body of work that anyone can use to understand, test, and create correctly operating components. We are in the lull before the storm.

Have you ever heard the term ‘victims of our own success’? This is what we will be, if the wave of mass adoption comes, and we haven’t made it easy to be a GOOD member of the Identity Metasystem. If we don’t set community consensus on edge cases, abuse cases, some common standards for basic user interface, and other such things now, if we all don’t get busy implementing and learning from our mistakes and fixing them while it is still easy to do so, it is going to be chaos when suddenly the big thing is for every site out there to accept Information Cards.

My view is, that user-centric technology in general is a massive tsunami moving towards the coast. It doesn’t look like much now because the wavelength is long — but once we get close to shore… If I’m right, there will be a sudden, immediate, and critical demand for architects, sys-admins, and developers with experience in this space. The more mistakes we make now and learn from, the less mistakes these future techies will have to make en masse.

… and if I’m wrong about the tsunami — well I guess we’ll all have stories to tell around the campfire…. :)

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Turkey

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  2. Having just started to get interested in the technical details of identity the hardest part right now is trying to integrate the multitude of components (OSIS, Higgins, CardSpace etc) into a coherent story to tell to management (even those who are not muppets).

    Management doesn’t yet care about the problem and probably won’t understand the technical details. Instead they will rely on the opinion of a second audience of people who will need to ensure that the technical details can be translated into the Powerpointware so beloved by so many companies.

    Provide information to the 2nd audience and you can create some surfers for the tsunami. The surfers will not change the direction of the wave, but they can see where it is going and hopefully steer to avoid the rocks, shoals and the 3rd thing

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