New Stable Version of PamelaWare

For your holiday hacking fun, I’ve got a new version of PamelaWare for WordPress ready!

Version 0.9 is a big improvement over previous stable releases, but still only allows a single card to be associated with a given account. While you’re messing with this version, I’m hoping to add the ability to associate multiple cards with a given account, as well as the ability to add and remove cards while in an authenticated state.

I have tested this version extensively — but I’m sure I’ve missed things — any of you who might wish to play could go to my test blog: if you want to play with a vanilla install, and to the pwwp main blog: if you want to test a blog upgraded from the original beta.

If you want to see what’s up with the Pamela Project, you should check out our development site:

I’d like to see a few people (like, oh, say, Kim) give this version the thumbs up before I holler about it too loudly. But I’m really glad it is out. You can get tarballs or go directly to subversion from our development site.

Have fun, drop me a line if you see any problems. I’m away snowmobiling until January 2nd, so until then, enjoy yourself, and Happy New Year!