y’know, sometimes I think these guys just don’t care.

If you’re going to own a powerful Web Access Management product, doesn’t it make sense to perhaps showcase your own product by making Single Sign-on and password management simple and seamless on your own customer-facing sites?

As such, I would hope that asking for SSO integration between the documentation site and the knowledge base site would not be so much to ask for. I’ve had to do password recovery on both sites today — one worked and the other failed. The second (failed) attempt just kills me — check out this flow:

  • I enter my email address into the lost password form.
  • I receive a new password via email. This would imply to me that I have chosen the correct email address, yes?
  • I then take that very same email address and the newly assigned password and put them into the username and password boxes on the login form.
  • My login fails.
    • There is no “forgot my username” link
    • The help link confirms that I should be entering my email address anyway.
    • I can get passwords galore from the lost password workflow, but none of them appears to actually work with my email address.
    • I can’t actually figure out who to talk to to get out of this lovely loop.


I *know* they have the tools to make this a much easier process, that’s the worst part.


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