The wrong way to go about it

As a result of a bit too much time spent watching American TV in hotel rooms this month, I decided to check out the URL of an interesting product. The BenderBall is a little tiny thing that I’m convinced would be perfect for trying to keep in shape at the cabin.

At this point — I have generally decided I want the product. I’ve remembered the URL. I’ve visited the site on the web. I’ve clicked the “Update Cart” button. I’m not a big “shopper” so to get me to this point is a rare occurrence. Suddenly I’m presented with the payment page, and I see the one thing that GUARANTEES I will not buy the product:

So Very Wrong

To force me to subscribe to the “special offer” list in order to get a Shipping Confirmation is unacceptable, and I will not pay $$ to a company who attempts to coerce me into doing so.

Yes, this company has a product I want, but the barrier to pulling out that credit card is already high, and now they have blown my trust of their business practices. I’m already suspicious of infomercial sites to begin with.

I would however, buy this product through either a bricks & mortar establishment, or through a trusted provider such as Amazon. Why? Because I can do so without putting as much of my data into the sleazy vendor’s hands.

I guess my abs will just have to stay flabby.  :)

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