All the Goings On

I haven’t been able to do much (anything) in the world of Information Cards lately.  No work on my code, no examination of the new version of the protocol.  It’s like the Ice Cream truck is driving around and around my house, and I can only watch it circle…  soon though.  I keep telling myself that…

For those of you out there that want to know what’s going on,  you should be subscribing to Vittorio and to Axel.  Vittorio is posting all sorts of delicious technical information about Zermatt, the new Microsoft Identity coding framework bits, and Axel is posting all sorts of tasty tidbits of information about ISIP 1.5.

There is a huge conversation to be had around what in the new ISIP document dictates change in code for existing common features.  I’m sure people have already been having that discussion in private, but I hope to see some of the subtleties come out as part of our next Interop effort, underway now!