OSIS I3 Interop: a Retrospective

With much fanfare, I’d like to announce the availability of my analysis of the last OSIS Interop.  Hosted on the Nulli Secundus website, the paper is possible due to sponsorship contract from Microsoft that allowed me to also create a lot of the infrastructure supporting the I3 Interop.  With luck, that infrastructure will serve as the basis for many more Interops to come!

This paper is not about who “won” the Interop;  in fact, no solutions or participants are explicitly named at all.  Instead, the focus was on participation, cumulative results analysis per solution role, achievements as a community, and next steps.

I believe that the I3 Interop has set us up to build a very robust, very comprehensive common feature landscape for Information Cards. The I3 Interop was not nearly as impactful for OpenID, however due to the incredible efforts of John Bradley, I believe that I4 will see some very interesting developments and participation on the OpenID side of the house.

I continue to be in awe of the dedication and spirit of collaboration that our community has demonstrated over the last two years.  It is clear that everyone is interested in getting it right, first and foremost; enough for Interop testers to enter more than 1200 separate test results into our wiki over a five-month period.

You’ll have to read the report to learn what else went on :-)   If you were a participant in the Interop and you have additional wisdom to offer or you completely disagree with my interpretation, I am very open to putting out a revised version of this document incorporating additional perspectives!

Big thanks to Dale, Axel, and Mike for adding their thoughts, and MASSIVE MONUMENTAL thanks to Trish Jones (who goes by Patricia L. Jones professionally), who went far far above and beyond the call of duty to act as editor through revision after revision.  I used to think I had a fairly good grasp of the English language;  I now know that I have a long way to go to attain technical writing zen.  Without Trish, you would be reading a very different paper.

Well?  What’re you hanging around here for?  Go read the paper!!!

5 thoughts on “OSIS I3 Interop: a Retrospective

  1. Thanks. BTW two minor doc formatting issues seem to have crept in – section 6.4 (page 21) had an “Error! Reference source not found” and 12.1 had an “Error! Bookmark not defined”

  2. Doh! I’ve fixed the error and generated a new PDF, just waiting to upload it to the main site…. Mark I’ll email you a copy with a good TOC (and anyone else who would like one, just let me know).

    Thanks for letting me know,


  3. You forgot to mention how much fun this was! Sorry I couldn’t make RSA, would’ve been so cool to see the demos with their creators “live”. Sad to say my company (who shall remain nameless) has not yet grasped what this is all about. I haven’t had time to participate in I4 but will certainly leave my solution up for as long as feasible.

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