Cannot possibly resist a follow-up

With respect to Lloyds being pants:

Telephone Support: Good morning, Lloyds TSB,  how may I help you?

Mr. Jetley:  Hello, I would like to see my balance.

TS:  May I have your password sir?

MJ:  Lloyds is pants.

TS:  Excuse me sir?

MJ:  Lloyds is pants!

TS:  Sir, there is no need to be rude!

MJ:  My password.  That’s my password.

TS:  Lloyds is pants?

MJ:  Yes, Lloyds is pants

TS:  No  it’s not.

MJ: Not what?

TS:  Lloyds is pants!

MJ:  Well what is it then?

TS:  No it’s not.

MJ:  Yes, I understand my password is not “Lloyds is pants”, but what is it?

TS: It is, no it’s not

MJ:  Make up your MIND!!!

TS:  Sir, your password is “No it’s not”.

MJ:  No it’s not?

TS:  Yes that’s it.

MJ:  No it’s not.

TS:  No it’s not your password or yes it’s “No it’s not”?

MJ:  BOTH!!!