I hate Firefox update day.

Ugh.   Mozilla has made changes which break my Delicious add-on and my Identity Selector, and half the time when I type a url into the address bar, it takes 10+ seconds for the actual letters to slooowly catch up.

Here’s what I’d like.  I’d like a choice of two automatic update modes.  Bleeding Edge mode is for developers and people who care more about the means than the end, or who like to sound the alarm when something goes wrong.   Nice & Easy mode is for people who are happy to wait 5 days and know that everything will just work.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

6 thoughts on “I hate Firefox update day.

  1. Set browser.urlbar.autocomplete.enabled to false in about:config.
    That should speed up the typing “echo”. But in fact I like this feature even if it slow sometimes.

  2. Have you filled in the survey proposed at the end of the update process ? It’s only 5 or 6 questions, plus a space for some enhancements suggestions.

  3. Hey Benoit,

    I didn’t see a survey – I simply restarted my browser to see that it was updated.

    Perhaps it is something I can find and independently trigger?

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  5. Updates that break identity selectors is bad enough, but to suddenly be FORCED to upgrade is unacceptable! I asked NOT to be upgraded, but it was no good. I miss my I-cards so much! I was sailing along and now I’m back in Password Purgatory! Firefox’s stock just crashed in my book.

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